Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medicine Buddha Finale

On the 28th we all went down by bus to the nunnery and fortunately, I was able to offer 90,000rps. from my side, due to the kind donations I have received recently. This money will go towards supporting nearly 200 nuns who are coming from all over India to debate with the Kopan nuns. Ani Jangsem, the Manager of the nunnery offered me a khatag and very kind words of thanks along with tea and biscuits. We toured the new gompa building, which is going to be absolutely beautiful.

Afterwards we arrived in Boudha and lit many butterlamps on behalf of the group and the people they dedicate for and then circumambulation (some shopping might have been done on the side!) and then back up to Kopan for dinner and a movie: Home. See it if you can, definitely see it if you are concerned about the environment and what the consequences of our actions will be, unless we change.

This morning was our last meditation session on Medicine Buddha and then the fire puja, followed by goodbyes with a group photo. Many special things happened to many people on the retreat....thank you to everybody.