Friday, August 21, 2009

Delhi gift!

Well, this was a bit of a surprise! Walking through Delhi while raining, I found myself flying up in the air and then my hand hit the ground. The wrist is broken. For the next two hours I had to ignore the incessant pain and get on with the visa work I was in the middle of, until I could get to a hospital. Thursday, I checked into hospital for the day and the bones were wired together and a cast put on. The fingers are swollen and it is awkward, but manageable. My new assistant Venerable Tsering was marvellous throughout the whole thing, taking care of me very well, but now I am in Moscow and realise how difficult it is to travel with one arm plus luggage! The Green Tara retreat finished on a high note in Kopan, many people had good experiences of some sort, the most notable comments being that they felt the retreat deepened their understanding of the lam rim. Take care and much love.