Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am a Mover and Shaker!

Thanks to the very enthusiastic response from my Podomatic listeners, I have become a Mover and Shaker. Here is a copy of the email just received from Podomatic:

Congratulations! Your podcast made the Movers & Shakers list on PodOmatic. This means your show was among 50 podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number spots overall on Sep 30, 2009.

To view the Movers & Shakers list featuring your podcast, follow the link below:

Our recordings are now at no. 374 which is unbelievable (as Rinpoche would say!) considering we are compared to all other categories, including music. Well done all of you for your interest and dedication to the Dharma.

Much love and prayers,
Venerable Namgyel.

ps many people keep asking about my arm - there is pain 24 hours a day, it is uncomfortable to sleep and sometimes the hand is very swollen. The plaster comes off next Monday. However, the Doctor in Moscow said it could take a year for the thumb to heal and it will still give pain for a long time. Thank you all for your kind emails and many prayers and a lot of Reiki for my healing. From my heart, I can assure you it has all been very humbly received and appreciated.