Sunday, September 20, 2009


Well now we are in Latvia and we reached here on 16th night from the Moscow. I would like to tell you about my experience in Moscow. I was sick all the time in Moscow but it didn’t affect me much because the organisers in Moscow are very, very nice and kind people, they are Sergye, Galina and Andrea. Oh they are really nice and kind people. I notice that Moscow don’t have a permanent Buddhist meditation centre where they can do retreat and meditation courses on a regular basis but because of these organiser’s great effort they organise it in different places and I am sure it’s quite difficult for them to organise it. But no matter how difficult it is they are doing their best to bring Pure Dharma to Moscow to benefit all sentient beings. I am very pleased to meet such nice and kind people like Sergye, Galina, Andrea and Edmond . I really appreciated what they are doing to bring pure Dharma in Moscow. I noticed that it is very important for the centre people to have very good and highly learned teachers to visit there and to give pure Buddha’s teachings and lead them to the Path to Enlightenment. I wish and pray that all their wishes come true and they can benefit all sentient beings and bring pure dharma in Moscow. My prayers and wishes are always with you hard working people.
We had a very wonderful Tara retreat out of the city for three days and some people came from very far away. Ven. Namgyel helped many people to guide them in to the right path and to make right decisions. I can see many people want to talk to him and ask many questions about their practice and their problems. I could see he was very tired because of all day teaching but despite being tired he was ready to help whoever wants to talk to him. That is very kind of Ven. Namgyel.
Ven. Namgyel offered a Reiki course and there were around 22 or 23 people and some people came all the way from Siberia and Kalmyk! I came to know that those places are very far and very cold but people have very much interest to learn which is very good for them. They have very sincere wish to help others with Dharma and Reiki. I wish and pray that their wishes be come true and they can indeed help as many beings as they can. I noticed that it was quite difficult for Ven. Namgyel to teach Reiki because he needs to use his both arms quite many times to teach hand position and I know it is hard for him to use his both arms because you know 3 or 4 weeks ago that he broke his wrist and he has plaster on his arm. So you can imagine how difficult that will be if you have plaster on your arm and you need to move it again and again. I know it is very hard and difficult but Ven. Namgyel was doing quite well with the people. I know he is suffering from the inside but he swallowed that pain and was ready to help others. Isn’t that wonderful and kind!
Now we are in Latvia at Ganden meditation centre which is part of the FPMT centres. I found Riga very nice and beautiful place and let’s see how it goes our time here. I will let you know more about the place and centre after a few days.
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