Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comments from Tsering

I enjoyed being in Latvia because I find it quite easy to find places and to get around. The people are nice and kind. They were offering us warm clothes because it was getting cold there at that time. We are thankful to all the people who made effort to buy some clothes and offered them to us. The clothes we didn’t need when we left Riga, we offered to the beggars living on the street.
Ven. Namgyel led a Tara retreat and it was beneficial, we enjoyed a lot. I hope and pray that Tara will always bless Latvians and help them to get rid of the crisis and bring prosperity and success in their country. During the lunch break we would have our lunch at Hari Krishna restaurant which is located about ten minutes walk from the centre and when people looked at us they were saying Hari Krishna and Hari Rama to us. Maybe they thought we are Hindu priests, well that was also very good because at least people have some idea that we are sort of Religious people.
I like Ganden centre very much because it has a very nice and beautiful gompa and Venerable Namgyel and myself did protector puja every evening which makes me feel very peaceful and calm. I felt very peaceful whenever I recited my morning prayers in that gompa. I think because of High Lamas having been there, the place was blessed and I think I can feel it.
Ven. Namgyel was invited to give a public talk on Art of Happiness in a university and there were around 70 or 80 people came and listened very carefully. Some of them were very young and they were writing everything Ven. was saying and they asked good questions and at the end they rushed down to the front with more questions and requests. It seems like people have much interest to learn something good about Buddhism.
So many things happened there but I can’t say all of it. I would recommend visiting Riga any time. Just before leaving Riga Ven. had the wires cast removed by very kind doctor friend of a friend. We then flew to Madrid and stayed with Fernando and his family. I like Fernando’s family open heart and welcoming people. We stayed there for couple of days then we flew to Granada and stayed at Buddhist centre where then met an old friend of Venerable Nmgyel’s, Ani Gloria. For me it was good to meet Ani la as she has been a nun for so long.
Granada is a beautiful city where you could spend days walking around the old city. The people were very friendly then on to Oseling Retreat Centre near Bubion, which reminds me of Tibet. It is a very nice place, very quiet with beautiful scenery. A perfect place for retreat. Around 25 people attended the Medicine Buddha retreat. At the end of the retreat, some people said they wanted to visit Kopan and continue the Medicine Buddha practice.
12th of Oct we flew to Bologna and have been staying with nice and kind people Andrea and Pierra in a quiet country area. We visited Venice for 2 days and Ven said he was completely exhausted from walking and going up and down bridges. However he also said it was the best holiday he had had. I wanted to eat Indian food and Venerable said we will go and find one. So there is a very nice Indian restaurant called IL GANESEH, but we needed to walk a little bit further from our hotel to get there. It was very nice restaurant and the food was very delicious and we can see everywhere Ganesh pictures and statues and it makes us feel that we are back in India. That was very nice and my best memory of Venice.
Now we are on the train to Rome to visit a friend of Ven then tomorrow we return to Argenta. Ven is teaching all day Sunday then Monday we fly to Granada. Tuesday morning we visit Alhambra. Tuesday afternoon bus to Malaga and Wednesday Ven flies to Scotland to teach at the Shambala Centre and I go to Madrid where I do retreat for few days then we meet up in Barcelona where Venerable is the keynote speaker at the International Coaching Fedreration conference.
22nd Nov to Mexico. It has been very nice and interesting to travel to different places and meet different people and to learn many things. I have met many nice and kind people and I will never ever forget them. They are also in my thoughts and prayers. I am learning many things on my travels. It is very interesting to see how Dharma is being preserved in the west and how important it is to have Dharma centres and how hard the Dharma centre volunteers try to make Dharma available. We have been taken care of so well at every centre, despite the staff being really busy.
Thank you.
Many people have been asking for the 2009-2010 schedule, so here it is:

Mexico November 2009 to March 2010
30th November - 7th December: Puebla
10th December – 20th December 2009: Cancun
27th December – 3rd January 2010: Zitacuaro
7th January – 15th January: Huatulco
19th January – 30th January: Guadalajara
3rd February – 14th February: Durango
17th February – 20th February: Aguascalientes
23rd February – 28th February: Guadalajara
4th March – 7th March: Zitacuaro
11th March – 24th March: Xalapa. Leaving Mexico
1st April – 10th April: Helsinki