Friday, November 20, 2009

The news from Spain

Just a short blog to tell you what has been happening, before I fly to Mexico on Sunday. As you may know, I was invited to Barcelona to speak at a conference organised by the International Coaching Federation. The conference hosted participants from all around the world. I was the first speaker, which made me feel nervous, as my talk was from 11am until 2.30pm. However, from the beginning, the audience made it very clear that they understood and appreciated the tenets of Buddhism and we had a good time working out how to use those tenets in business. Fernando, who had organised my participation at the conference, was also on stage with me and helped enormously to translate what I was saying into something the coaches would appreciate and understand.
I have also been meeting with business leaders trying to help them increase their people-managing skills.

I know this is a bit backwards, but I forgot to mention my time in Shambala Retreat Centre which is situated in Scotland. Nearly two weeks passed very fast, as I was busy most of the time. The house is really in a beautiful location looking on to a bay and very close to Findhorn. I enjoyed going over to Findhorn and finding out about how they manage the Foundation and their activities. If you have time for a retreat or you are looking for a Buddhist course or even something like yoga or tai chi, I would definitely recommend Shambala be placed on the list of good places to be! Thank you to all the staff for taking care of me so well while I was there.

Unfortunately, Venerable Tsering fell ill and has had to return to India. I would like to say a very warm thank you to him for all his hard work. It was sad to lose him but I also understand travelling so much is stressful and does not suit everybody. I don't know if I will be able to find somebody else so capable of being an attendant, as Tsering's English was excellent and he is a fine monk, but I hope in future my karma will produce another attendant. I had some tests recently on my wrist and unfortunately it is not healing very quickly, so I need to be very careful when travelling that I don't injure it. In Mexico there are so many kind people willing to be of assistance, so I think that will not be a problem at all.

So, thank you all for reading my blog and for trying to put Dharma into practice and I look forward to meeting you all somewhere in this world, sooner rather than later. With much love, Namgyel.