Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Heart Advice of the Kadampa Masters

As Shantideva said in the Bodhicaryavatara:

If one who is influenced by fettering passions
Will even kill himself,
How can it be
That he will not harm others?

Influenced by fettering passions
He will destroy himself and others, too.
If I am angry and have no compassion,
I am worse than he.

"The third meditation of patience is on teacher and disciple.  If there is no lama to impart instruction, there can be no vow.  If there is no teacher to explain the Dharma, there can be no realization.  Similarly, if there is no enemy who harms you, there can be no practice of patience.  Thus, feel that those who abuse you are the teachers of patience.  Be happy at this opportunity and concentrate on repaying their kindness.  Meditating that you are a disciple being taught patience, do not be angry."