Thursday, May 29, 2008

my time in Latvia is nearly over....

Gosh, it has been a busy time since arriving in Riga. I am teaching every night on the lam rim and the busiest night was a surprise as the subject was karma, not usually so popular! Around thirty people turned up. Last night I spoke on delusions and again there were many people and the great thing is that they ask such good questions, not from an intellectual point of view, but how to practice the dharma in every day life - always something that deeply interests me.

Tonight we tackle the 8 verses of thought transformation which I hope to finish tomorrow and then my departure is early Saturday morning. Friday morning Sandra the Director and Rita the SPC are taking me out to Ganden's retreat centre for a quick visit. It is supposed to be in a beautiful location on a lake, and I very much look forward to seeing it.

Thank you to all the kind people in Riga who have made my stay very comfortable and I think, successful - particularly Sandra and Rita they are really two wish-fulfilling jewels who always try to think of things they can do for me to make my stay happy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Beautiful Riga, Latvia.

Well folks, my departure from Moscow was a couple of days early and yesterday I arrived to 6C in Riga. Today, the sun is shining in a very blue sky and it is a warm 13C - I actually feel it is quite warm, which shows you how the human body can acclimatise!

Last night Rita and Helen took me for a walk around the old part of Riga, which is very beautiful and I took photos of some buildings, here is a photo of the opera house and another of a really nice square with quaint buildings. Tomorrow night (Wednesday) I am teaching and then on Friday we go out of town for the Medicine Buddha retreat.

Saturday, May 17, 2008


I have a moment to write and tell you that Moscow had snow a couple of days ago, brrr...especially cold for me, who recently came from Mumbai and 36C. Anyway, I have enjoyed my stay very much in Moscow, and particularly, I think the Medicine Buddha retreat was very beneficial. I saw so many changes in the people participating, that is so rewarding. Today we finished the second part of a talk on 21 Taras. Tomorrow is Reiki all day and then Monday off to Latvia for the first time. The Medicine Budddha retreat is on the following weekend just outside Riga. I know some of my old students are coming for that, which is going to be really nice. Soon I will be in Nepal for the Medicine Buddha retreat starting on the 15th June and it looks as though we have a nearly full retreat.
That's it for now - you know you are all in my heart, every single day, and that I always pray for your Dharma success, your long life and good health and particularly that you use all the advantages of a precious human rebirth to benefit others.