Friday, October 31, 2008


Really sorry, but there hasn't been much free time to update my blog. After Durango, a five hour drive to Aguascalientes and the Bengungyel Centre which is located in a really beautiful house. I taught seven cause and effect as well as other teachings and we had a very appreciative crowd. Martha, the new Director, Carmen her assistant and Sergio took care of me very well and really organised the teachings in a professional way. After that I drove to Guadalajara (back home!) and my three days off, which turned into many interviews with people who had heard me teach, teaching three nights, one of which was a beginner's meditation with over 50 people. Thursday, we flew to Tuluca and then a three hour drive to Serlingpa Retreat Centre. The Medicine Buddha Retreat has nearly finished with over 20 really keen people who have kept total silence, NOT EASY IN MEXICO! After this, Mexico City and a teaching to for a Music Association on Thursday morning and then Thursday evening the new study group in Mexico City (FPMT).....well, adios amigos!! Yes my Spanish is coming along very well.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Drive from Durango

  The first weekend in Durango I taught 37 Practices of a Bodhisattva which we didn't finish so we had to continue on Thursday evening. Followed by a birthday cake and presents for Brenda, Cesar's wife. In addition to teaching, I had a television appearance, a radio show and a public talk - it seemed all the publicity worked because over 90 people came to the talk.

Finished teaching "Healing Emotions" on the weekend in Durango - about 35 people attended - and then there were many interviews with various students asking advice about their Dharma practice.

Well done Cesar and his team of workers in Durango - the Padmasambhava Study Group has great potential to help many beings.

On Monday we left Durango in the morning, with Martha and Elvia and Lourdes, and here is a photo of one of the cities on the way. Beautiful view and then a cable car ride down to the bottom!
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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Guadalajara comments

Hello everybody: somebody asked me to post the following comments on my blog and initially I thought it was too much, too kind, but then I thought, people criticise me and that is fine so why isn't reading about people's good way of thinking also fine? So here it is:


Having the opportunity to change our minds and planting precious seeds on our mind continuum is a rare one. And this is exactly what Venerable’s teachings meant for many of us listening to them. At the end of the first teaching we could have a sense of what this visit would be for all the students when a woman said in a very moving way to Venerable: “I don’t have any questions. I just want to say thank you so much because from now on the purpose of my life has changed”.

Almost everyday we had a lot of rain but that was not an obstacle for Dharma students to attend to Venerable’s teachings where He showed us that the way for true happiness is developing true compassion towards others. His unique sense of humor and the clarity through which he express the Dharma were key for us to start to understand the real meaning of compassion on our everyday lives, away from the cushion.

I would like to end this mini-story by sharing something with you that I personally thinks that describes what many of us could appreciate from his presence.

Nearly to the end of his visit at Guadalajara, a member of the centre told me: “I am really moved by him, I’ve noticed that his kindness is so that just now I understood that his dedication towards others never stops… everything he says, does or talks, even when he is not teaching at the Gompa, is meant to teach something to someone…it is like he is always thinking on what others need to learn… and he takes on the opportunity to do so even with the smallest everyday things.”

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Medicine Buddha retreats...

Many people keep asking me about Medicine Buddha retreats - there is one at Serlingpa Retreat Centre in October 2008 and another one in Xalapa for ten days.
If you want further details, please write to me, much love, Venerable.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Link to the Google Earth map of the tour

Hi everybody, there has been great interest from around the world about this tour, so Laura my translator/assistant has put together a map so you can visually see where I am going, it also gives details of the teachings if you click on that particular centre. Much love, Venerable.,-99.316406&spn=8.124076,19.6875&z=6

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Tara Retreat in Cancun, Mexico.

If you want a beautiful place to do retreat, led by myself, the Tara devotee, please do look at the website on this hotel. It looks absolutely stunning. A beautiful location for a beautiful Buddha!