Monday, December 21, 2009


I spent the weekend teaching 16 people Reiki for beginners and we had a really good time, especially as the weather decided to cool off. When we first arrived in Cancun it was around 30C but now it is 22C today and heavy rain. On Thursday we take the flight to Puebla and then drive to Zitacuaro on the 26th ready for the Medicine Buddha retreat on the 27th......Happy Christmas and New Year to you all.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Luxury retreat in Cancun

This may well be the most luxurious retreat yet. I am sitting in my air-conditioned room with ensuite bathroom and an outdoor Jacuzzi all to myself, and they expect me to lead a retreat! It is difficult enough leaving the room, ha ha! Anyway, we are a few hours drive from Cancun in the countryside. This is an eco-resort which belongs to a relative of Sonia’s. Around 17 people in the group and we are discussing Atisha’s Precious Rosary for the development of Bodhicitta. Ani Paldron is assisting me with meditations and Moya from the Cozumel FPMT group is very ably translating. Next Tuesday I teach on the practice of forgiveness; Thursday I will talk about how to develop a daily practice and then on the weekend there is a group of people learning how to give Reiki. The following week we travel to Cozumel, the island paradise, for two days, returning to Cancun to fly out on the 24th to Puebla and then on the 26th December we drive to Serlinpa, Zitacuaro for the Medicine Buddha retreat. It is really busy in Mexico, so if I don’t get a chance to do this before Christmas, I wish you all the very best for Christmas and the New Year. We should remember at Christmas that Jesus taught how to develop qualities, particularly love and tolerance and as Buddhists we should pay attention to the many opportunities we have to subdue the afflictive emotions and develop qualities. Thank you. (this was a reminder to myself, of what I should do)….......much affectionate love, Venerable Namgyel.
Ps from my room I am looking straight out onto the swimming pool, which would be incredible, but as most of you know I don’t like swimming, but I do like looking at water, so that’s another benefit of being here, from my bed I can see blue water and behind blue sky……very cooling.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Puebla retreat

A beautiful photo of the volcano at night, taken by Ceci and a group photo at the end of the retreat. You can see my new attendant on my left, Venerable Paldron.

Sunday, December 6, 2009


Hello, just returned from a four day retreat on a mountain, at 3,500metres looking onto a volcano. Here is a photo from the window of my room. The venue was a Christian monastery and very well organised by Ma. Carmen. Ani Paldron has been attending me and leading the meditations and will continue to travel with me to Cancun and Serlinpa. She was one of my students from last year and has now taken ordination. Some good karma ripened! I think the people enjoyed the retreat and many were psychologists. They said they would use the teachings to change and that is encouraging. On Tuesday we fly to Cancun. With all best wishes, Ven.

Monday, November 30, 2009


We spent a nice day out yesterday, driving from Puebla to Xalapa to look at land for the hospice project. The land really is beautiful, about 45 mins drive from the city. Flat, with many mango trees but also space to build. The director of the project, Salvador did a great job finding it. We are a bit short of money for the total price, so I go into negotiations tomorrow - please add the Mother Tara Hospice into your prayers! On the way back, we experienced absolutely beautiful cloud formations and I tried to capture it, hope you can understand a little of the beauty from these photos:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Puebla Mexico

I was invited to teach at the biggest university in Puebla today. Over 100 people attended the talk on the Art of Happiness which lasted for nearly two hours. I gave some practical hints for people without Dharma knowledge and particularly I am now recommending meditation for beginners as a way of understanding their behaviour and how to change. Tomorrow night I speak to a new Buddhist group in Puebla, then Sunday we travel to Xalapa to look at possible land for the hospice project. Wednesday the retreat at a Christian Monastery starts. Then Cancun from the 8th December....

Friday, November 20, 2009

Beautiful Barcelona

The news from Spain

Just a short blog to tell you what has been happening, before I fly to Mexico on Sunday. As you may know, I was invited to Barcelona to speak at a conference organised by the International Coaching Federation. The conference hosted participants from all around the world. I was the first speaker, which made me feel nervous, as my talk was from 11am until 2.30pm. However, from the beginning, the audience made it very clear that they understood and appreciated the tenets of Buddhism and we had a good time working out how to use those tenets in business. Fernando, who had organised my participation at the conference, was also on stage with me and helped enormously to translate what I was saying into something the coaches would appreciate and understand.
I have also been meeting with business leaders trying to help them increase their people-managing skills.

I know this is a bit backwards, but I forgot to mention my time in Shambala Retreat Centre which is situated in Scotland. Nearly two weeks passed very fast, as I was busy most of the time. The house is really in a beautiful location looking on to a bay and very close to Findhorn. I enjoyed going over to Findhorn and finding out about how they manage the Foundation and their activities. If you have time for a retreat or you are looking for a Buddhist course or even something like yoga or tai chi, I would definitely recommend Shambala be placed on the list of good places to be! Thank you to all the staff for taking care of me so well while I was there.

Unfortunately, Venerable Tsering fell ill and has had to return to India. I would like to say a very warm thank you to him for all his hard work. It was sad to lose him but I also understand travelling so much is stressful and does not suit everybody. I don't know if I will be able to find somebody else so capable of being an attendant, as Tsering's English was excellent and he is a fine monk, but I hope in future my karma will produce another attendant. I had some tests recently on my wrist and unfortunately it is not healing very quickly, so I need to be very careful when travelling that I don't injure it. In Mexico there are so many kind people willing to be of assistance, so I think that will not be a problem at all.

So, thank you all for reading my blog and for trying to put Dharma into practice and I look forward to meeting you all somewhere in this world, sooner rather than later. With much love, Namgyel.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New meditations on Mp3

Hi, i just found out one of my kind students has put many meditations on Podomatic, so here is an address so you can find them:

Monday, November 2, 2009

Mexican Schedule-onto Helsinki

Many people have been asking for the 2009-2010 schedule, so here it is:

Mexico November 2009 to March 2010
30th November - 7th December: Puebla
10th December – 20th December 2009: Cancun
27th December – 3rd January 2010: Zitacuaro
7th January – 15th January: Huatulco
19th January – 30th January: Guadalajara
3rd February – 14th February: Durango
17th February – 20th February: Aguascalientes
23rd February – 28th February: Guadalajara
4th March – 7th March: Zitacuaro
11th March – 24th March: Xalapa. Leaving Mexico
1st April – 10th April: Helsinki

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Lama Zopa Rinpoche speaks....

THIS MONTH'S TEACHING: How To Be Happy To Practice Dharma
The next verse in The Bodhisattva's Jewel Garland is:

Thoroughly abandon sleep, drowsiness and laziness.
Always attempt to have perseverance.
Perseverance is a mind that is happy to practice Dharma. The easiest, most powerful way to have perseverance is by reflecting on impermanence and death. First reflect on how precious this human body with eight freedoms and ten richnesses is, how you can achieve the three great meanings with it, how it will be difficult to find such a body again and how you will have it just this one time. On the basis of this, remember that death can happen at any time. Impermanence and death is very powerful--the most powerful meditation for us beginners. Also, relate impermanence and death to negative karma and its result, rebirth in the lower realms. Remember again and again the unimaginable sufferings of the hell beings, hungry ghosts and animals. As Nagarjuna explains, we should remember the hot and cold hells every day. Nagarjuna advises this because when we think of the hot and cold hells we have no space in our mind for attachment and anger, these negative emotional thoughts that disturb and obscure our mind.

Whenever thoughts of the happiness of this life comes, we delay or stop our practice. Whenever attachment clinging to this life comes, laziness comes, and we don't want to practice. We want to spend our time enjoying the comforts of this life instead of practicing Dharma. At that time we should remember that death can happen at any time. Then what happens after that? The most unbearable suffering. We can't bear even a small problem in this human realm; we can't bear to have a headache, a toothache, some stomach pain or even to be a little hot or a little cold. When we experience even a small problem in this human realm, because we can't bear it, we give up practicing Dharma.

Think, "If I were now in the lower realms, in the hot or cold hells, in the preta realm or in the animal realm, my suffering would be far greater. The hunger and thirst of the preta realm is thousands of times greater that that of the human realm. Let alone the major hot and cold hells, if I were born now in a neighboring hell or even an ordinary hell realm, my suffering would be unbelievable."

We can't bear to put our finger in boiling hot water; but compared to being born in the neighboring hell where there are oceans of lava, the boiling hot water of the human realm is extremely cold. Imagine suddenly being in such a hell.

Death can happen any day, any hour, any moment--even this moment. And what comes after death is the lower realms. As Nagarjuna advises, we should remember the unbearable sufferings of the lower realms.

The cause of rebirth in the lower realms is negative karma, or nonvirtuous action, and any activity we do with a motivation of attachment clinging to this life is a nonvirtue. For example, if we got dressed today with a motivation of attachment clinging to this life, that action of dressing became nonvirtuous because our motivation was nonvirtuous. What was our motivation when we were washing? For many of us, it was simply attachment clinging to the happiness and comfort of this life, so again that washing became negative karma. It was the same when we ate lunch and dinner, and it will be the same when we go to sleep. With any activity we do, if we analyze our motivation for doing it, we find it is nonvirtuous, attachment clinging to this life, so all those activities become negative karma.

Negative karma is very extensive. It's not limited to just the ten nonvirtuous actions, but within the ten nonvirtuous actions are those nonvirtues that we collect many times every day--though we mightn't kill or steal. However, His Holiness Ling Rinpoche once made the comment that the subject of stealing is extensive and detailed. It depends on the individual person, but we generally commit many of the ten nonvirtues many times in one day. We also break the vows we have taken: pratimoksha vows, lay or ordained; bodhisattva vows; tantric vows. This is talking about just today. The negative karmas we have created from the time of our birth in this life are unimaginable, and then there are all the negative karmas we have created in beginningless past lives.

In his lam-rim teachings, Pabongka Dechen Nyingpo says that an ordained person being careless about and not immediately confessing a downfall is heavier negative karma than having killed one hundred human beings and one hundred horses. (I don't think it has to be only horses--it can be any animal. In the past in Tibet they used horses a lot as there were no cars.) If you have taken ordination and are intentionally careless about your vows, this is how heavy the karma that you create is.

When you think of how death can happen at any time and of the lower realms, in relation to karma, you can't ignore it. You have to get up and practice. You can't stand it. You've got to do something immediately; you've got to purify, collect merit, meditate on the path.

It is also very useful to think about people you know who have died, like Andrea [Antonietti], the Italian monk. On my advice, he took ordination for a second time and died as a monk. Many of us here, those who have been here in Bodhgaya and in Dharamsala many times, will remember Andrea. He was an old student, an Italian, who was a monk before. He then changed his life, but before he died, while he was sick, he again took ordination. Now he's gone. He doesn't exist. There's no Andrea. Before there was Andrea, but now there's not. Before we used to joke and play with him and enjoy his humble, good personality, but now he doesn't exist. Think, "It is the same with me. There will come a time when I don't exist any more, a time when I'm not here in this world. This could happen at any time. By this time next year, I could be the same as Andrea, whom we can't see, who doesn't exist in this world. This could happen. By this time next year, I could be like that--not to be seen in this world. Some people have Andrea's malas and other possessions; the same thing could happen to me. Any day this could happen to me."

There was also another Italian, Stefano [Piovella]. He was a monk before, but he wasn't a monk when he died. It is the same. We used to joke and play with him, making fun of him all the time, but now he's not here. Now he's not here in this world. Think, "Exactly the same thing could happen to me at any time. I could be gone from this world. I won't exist. This could happen at any time."

There was also Tenzin Konchog, the nun who was here making tsa-tsas about five years ago. She was the main person responsible for making tsa-tsas. A few years ago she was here, in Bodhgaya, but now she is not here. She's gone. Think, "Exactly the same thing could happen to me any time, any day. I will not be here. There's a time when I will be gone from this world. I won't exist. This could happen any day."

Your body could be carried to the cemetery or the crematorium. Any day this could happen. You could suddenly have a heart attack or a stroke. Something could suddenly happen, and the time of your death come. Your precious human life would be gone.

If you had done continual strong practice of purification, practiced morality well, lived your life with bodhicitta and correctly devoted yourself to the virtuous friend, you would have no regrets. Even if some sickness came and your death happened, it wouldn't disturb you. It wouldn't upset you at all. You would be very happy, as you would feel completely confident that you would go to a pure land or receive a perfect human body in your next life. Your mind would be happy, or at least you would have no fear. Even if death suddenly came to you, you would not be frightened of being born in the lower realms.

If we really bring our attention inside, if we really think about the nature of our life, impermanence and death, we realize that our death could happen at any time and, in particular, all the unimaginable sufferings of the lower realms could happen at any time. Relate this to all the negative karmas you do--in one day there are so many, like rainfall. Committing one complete nonvirtuous action has four suffering results. One of them is creating the result similar to the cause, which means doing that action again, which again produces four suffering results, one of which is creating the result similar to the cause, so you commit the action again.... It goes on and on in this way. Committing one complete nonvirtuous action, from the ten nonvirtuous actions, produces suffering results that go on and on and on, so that there is unending suffering of samsara.

We've done so many of the ten nonvirtuous actions in this life, since our birth, and so many others during beginningless rebirths. The results of them will go on and on in that way. There are numberless of them left on our mental continuum that we haven't purified and that we haven't finished experiencing.

Since committing even one negative karma from the ten brings this endless ongoing suffering, you can't stand it. You have to get rid of it, purify it, immediately. It's as if you have swallowed some poison and could die at any time. It's as if a poisonous snake has bitten you: the poison is spreading and you could die at any time. But ingesting poison or being bitten by a poisonous snake is nothing. That alone can't make you be reborn in the lower realms, but your negative karma can.

I've been talking about just one negative karma, but we have created so many negative karmas today, in this life and during beginningless past lives. There's no way you can stand it--you have to purify it all right away! And at this time, by having received this perfect human body, you have all the opportunities to purify it. If death comes before you have purified your negative karma, you are finished. When will you meet Dharma again? When will you be able to purify all those negative karmas? When will you be able to actualize the path? It is extremely difficult to say.

Now, on top of having committed the ten nonvirtuous actions and degenerated or broken all three levels of vows, you have collected negative karma in relation to the guru. Even the smallest of these negative karmas is very powerful, and you have created so many with heresy, anger and other negative thoughts. These negative karmas are much heavier than all those others.

In the lam-rim outline of the shortcomings of having made mistakes in correctly devoting to the guru, the first shortcoming is that criticizing the guru is like criticizing all the buddhas.

Second, if you get angry with your guru, you destroy eons of merit equal in number to the moments of your anger, and for the same number of eons you will be reborn in hell and experience suffering.

Third, even though you practice tantra, you won't achieve the sublime realization.

Fourth, even though you attempt to practice tantra, it will be like achieving hell. Even though you practice tantra for many years by not sleeping, not eating, not talking and living alone in a cave, it will be like achieving hell. Why? Here you have to understand that when you make a mistake in devoting to the virtuous friend-even showing some small disrespect, criticizing them, harming them or giving rise to negative thoughts--it is so heavy that even though you are practicing virtue and collecting merit by doing retreat sessions, it is very small compared to the heavy negative karma you have collected in relation to the virtuous friend. That negative karma is so huge that any virtue you practice by reciting mantras and so forth becomes insignificant. The negative karma is overwhelming, and you are reborn in the hell realm. This is what happens unless you change your mind, stop following those negative thoughts, recognize the mistakes you have made, confess them to the guru and purify them. By using logical reasoning and the quotations from Shakyamuni Buddha and Vajradhara, you have to transform your mind into devotion by seeing the guru as a buddha.

It doesn't mean that you have no hope--it's not saying that. There's hope, if you change, if you recognize the mistakes you have made and, with strong regret, confess and purify them. In order not to commit the mistakes again, you then have to keep your mind in devotion toward that guru. You can change; it's not saying you can't change. But if you don't change, no matter what practice you do--many years of chanting mantras in retreat with no food and no sleep--even though you may be collecting merit, it will be insignificant compared to the heaviness of the negative karma you have created. Even though you attempt to practice tantra, it will be like achieving hell. As long as you don't change, it will be like achieving hell. Instead of achieving enlightenment, you'll be achieving hell, because that karma is so heavy.

What I am saying is that there's no time to be lazy. Reflect on the negative karmas you have collected and the sufferings of the lower realms, and remember that this is the only chance you have. If you cherish yourself, if you love yourself, this is what you have to do. If you want to take care of yourself, this is the practice you need to do. If you think about this, there's no time for laziness, no time to be distracted by the appearances of this life or works for this life.

As mentioned in the motivation for taking the Eight Mahayana Precepts by my root guru, His Holiness Trijang Rinpoche*, which is similar to the motivation for taking refuge in Jorchö, if you think of all the endless sufferings of samsara that you will have to experience, particularly those of the lower realms, you don't dare to eat or sleep. When you're very frightened, you can't eat, or even if you do manage to eat, you vomit. If you think of all the past beginningless sufferings of samsara, in particular those of the three lower realms, it's something that cracks your heart. It's very frightening.

Here The Bodhisattva's Jewel Garland says:

Thoroughly abandon sleep, drowsiness and laziness.
Always attempt to have perseverance.
Of course, it's not saying not to sleep at all at night. There is sleeping yoga. I heard that His Holiness Chogye Trichen Rinpoche sleeps for only two or three hours, and sometimes only one hour. During the daytime he gives initiations and teachings, then does his own practice for many hours. Also, I think His Holiness the Dalai Lama gets up around three o'clock in the morning. Peljor-la, His Holiness's attendant, offers tea around 3:30, then His Holiness begins his practice. Of course, Compassion Buddha doesn't need to practice....

As mentioned in The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path to Enlightenment, in the middle part of the night you do sleeping yoga, then you wake up very early in the morning and practice. My sleeping is at the wrong time, the totally wrong time. When it's time to practice, I'm sleeping.

With remembrance, awareness and conscientiousness,
Always protect the doors of your senses.
Three times day and night, again and again,
Examine your mental continuum.
You have to protect your body, speech and mind from engaging in negative actions. As mentioned, three times in the daytime and three times at night, you should examine your mental continuum.

Lama Zopa Rinpoche gave this teaching at Root Institute Bodhgaya, India, 30 December 2003. Edited from the Lama Yeshe Wisdom Archive by Ven Ailsa Cameron and soon to be published in Kadampa Teachings, a free book from the Archive.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Comments from Tsering

I enjoyed being in Latvia because I find it quite easy to find places and to get around. The people are nice and kind. They were offering us warm clothes because it was getting cold there at that time. We are thankful to all the people who made effort to buy some clothes and offered them to us. The clothes we didn’t need when we left Riga, we offered to the beggars living on the street.
Ven. Namgyel led a Tara retreat and it was beneficial, we enjoyed a lot. I hope and pray that Tara will always bless Latvians and help them to get rid of the crisis and bring prosperity and success in their country. During the lunch break we would have our lunch at Hari Krishna restaurant which is located about ten minutes walk from the centre and when people looked at us they were saying Hari Krishna and Hari Rama to us. Maybe they thought we are Hindu priests, well that was also very good because at least people have some idea that we are sort of Religious people.
I like Ganden centre very much because it has a very nice and beautiful gompa and Venerable Namgyel and myself did protector puja every evening which makes me feel very peaceful and calm. I felt very peaceful whenever I recited my morning prayers in that gompa. I think because of High Lamas having been there, the place was blessed and I think I can feel it.
Ven. Namgyel was invited to give a public talk on Art of Happiness in a university and there were around 70 or 80 people came and listened very carefully. Some of them were very young and they were writing everything Ven. was saying and they asked good questions and at the end they rushed down to the front with more questions and requests. It seems like people have much interest to learn something good about Buddhism.
So many things happened there but I can’t say all of it. I would recommend visiting Riga any time. Just before leaving Riga Ven. had the wires cast removed by very kind doctor friend of a friend. We then flew to Madrid and stayed with Fernando and his family. I like Fernando’s family open heart and welcoming people. We stayed there for couple of days then we flew to Granada and stayed at Buddhist centre where then met an old friend of Venerable Nmgyel’s, Ani Gloria. For me it was good to meet Ani la as she has been a nun for so long.
Granada is a beautiful city where you could spend days walking around the old city. The people were very friendly then on to Oseling Retreat Centre near Bubion, which reminds me of Tibet. It is a very nice place, very quiet with beautiful scenery. A perfect place for retreat. Around 25 people attended the Medicine Buddha retreat. At the end of the retreat, some people said they wanted to visit Kopan and continue the Medicine Buddha practice.
12th of Oct we flew to Bologna and have been staying with nice and kind people Andrea and Pierra in a quiet country area. We visited Venice for 2 days and Ven said he was completely exhausted from walking and going up and down bridges. However he also said it was the best holiday he had had. I wanted to eat Indian food and Venerable said we will go and find one. So there is a very nice Indian restaurant called IL GANESEH, but we needed to walk a little bit further from our hotel to get there. It was very nice restaurant and the food was very delicious and we can see everywhere Ganesh pictures and statues and it makes us feel that we are back in India. That was very nice and my best memory of Venice.
Now we are on the train to Rome to visit a friend of Ven then tomorrow we return to Argenta. Ven is teaching all day Sunday then Monday we fly to Granada. Tuesday morning we visit Alhambra. Tuesday afternoon bus to Malaga and Wednesday Ven flies to Scotland to teach at the Shambala Centre and I go to Madrid where I do retreat for few days then we meet up in Barcelona where Venerable is the keynote speaker at the International Coaching Fedreration conference.
22nd Nov to Mexico. It has been very nice and interesting to travel to different places and meet different people and to learn many things. I have met many nice and kind people and I will never ever forget them. They are also in my thoughts and prayers. I am learning many things on my travels. It is very interesting to see how Dharma is being preserved in the west and how important it is to have Dharma centres and how hard the Dharma centre volunteers try to make Dharma available. We have been taken care of so well at every centre, despite the staff being really busy.
Thank you.
Many people have been asking for the 2009-2010 schedule, so here it is:

Mexico November 2009 to March 2010
30th November - 7th December: Puebla
10th December – 20th December 2009: Cancun
27th December – 3rd January 2010: Zitacuaro
7th January – 15th January: Huatulco
19th January – 30th January: Guadalajara
3rd February – 14th February: Durango
17th February – 20th February: Aguascalientes
23rd February – 28th February: Guadalajara
4th March – 7th March: Zitacuaro
11th March – 24th March: Xalapa. Leaving Mexico
1st April – 10th April: Helsinki

Tuesday, October 20, 2009



Hi everybody, yes, it is technologically correct me, ha ha and I have joined YouTube and put two videos there for you to watch, both made, very kindly, by Venerina. One is about me and the other about the Kopan nunnery. My account name is VenNamgyel please look soon!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Spanish retreat

This is a happy group at the end of the Medicine Buddha Retreat in Osel Ling Retreat Centre, Bubion, Spain.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ganden Buddhist centre,Riga Latvia

This is the photo of some happy students having just taken refuge and/or Bodhisattva vows with Venerable on the 30th September 2009. Thank you all for your kind comments about what I wrote on the blog. I will update you all soon. Best wishes Tsering Phuntsok.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I am a Mover and Shaker!

Thanks to the very enthusiastic response from my Podomatic listeners, I have become a Mover and Shaker. Here is a copy of the email just received from Podomatic:

Congratulations! Your podcast made the Movers & Shakers list on PodOmatic. This means your show was among 50 podcasts in the top 500 that climbed the most number spots overall on Sep 30, 2009.

To view the Movers & Shakers list featuring your podcast, follow the link below:

Our recordings are now at no. 374 which is unbelievable (as Rinpoche would say!) considering we are compared to all other categories, including music. Well done all of you for your interest and dedication to the Dharma.

Much love and prayers,
Venerable Namgyel.

ps many people keep asking about my arm - there is pain 24 hours a day, it is uncomfortable to sleep and sometimes the hand is very swollen. The plaster comes off next Monday. However, the Doctor in Moscow said it could take a year for the thumb to heal and it will still give pain for a long time. Thank you all for your kind emails and many prayers and a lot of Reiki for my healing. From my heart, I can assure you it has all been very humbly received and appreciated.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mexico Hospice

Just a quick note for those of you "in the know" - today, Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche approved the hospice project, saying it was very, very beneficial. It will be called the Mother Tara Hospice for Peaceful Living and Peaceful Dying and will be located in the Xalapa area. If you are interested to help in any way, please write to me personally. With big love from Riga.

Sunday, September 20, 2009


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Well now we are in Latvia and we reached here on 16th night from the Moscow. I would like to tell you about my experience in Moscow. I was sick all the time in Moscow but it didn’t affect me much because the organisers in Moscow are very, very nice and kind people, they are Sergye, Galina and Andrea. Oh they are really nice and kind people. I notice that Moscow don’t have a permanent Buddhist meditation centre where they can do retreat and meditation courses on a regular basis but because of these organiser’s great effort they organise it in different places and I am sure it’s quite difficult for them to organise it. But no matter how difficult it is they are doing their best to bring Pure Dharma to Moscow to benefit all sentient beings. I am very pleased to meet such nice and kind people like Sergye, Galina, Andrea and Edmond . I really appreciated what they are doing to bring pure Dharma in Moscow. I noticed that it is very important for the centre people to have very good and highly learned teachers to visit there and to give pure Buddha’s teachings and lead them to the Path to Enlightenment. I wish and pray that all their wishes come true and they can benefit all sentient beings and bring pure dharma in Moscow. My prayers and wishes are always with you hard working people.
We had a very wonderful Tara retreat out of the city for three days and some people came from very far away. Ven. Namgyel helped many people to guide them in to the right path and to make right decisions. I can see many people want to talk to him and ask many questions about their practice and their problems. I could see he was very tired because of all day teaching but despite being tired he was ready to help whoever wants to talk to him. That is very kind of Ven. Namgyel.
Ven. Namgyel offered a Reiki course and there were around 22 or 23 people and some people came all the way from Siberia and Kalmyk! I came to know that those places are very far and very cold but people have very much interest to learn which is very good for them. They have very sincere wish to help others with Dharma and Reiki. I wish and pray that their wishes be come true and they can indeed help as many beings as they can. I noticed that it was quite difficult for Ven. Namgyel to teach Reiki because he needs to use his both arms quite many times to teach hand position and I know it is hard for him to use his both arms because you know 3 or 4 weeks ago that he broke his wrist and he has plaster on his arm. So you can imagine how difficult that will be if you have plaster on your arm and you need to move it again and again. I know it is very hard and difficult but Ven. Namgyel was doing quite well with the people. I know he is suffering from the inside but he swallowed that pain and was ready to help others. Isn’t that wonderful and kind!
Now we are in Latvia at Ganden meditation centre which is part of the FPMT centres. I found Riga very nice and beautiful place and let’s see how it goes our time here. I will let you know more about the place and centre after a few days.
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Friday, September 18, 2009

Kremlin in Moscow

We took this photo on a very nice day out for Sergey and Galina in Moscow.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Nearly goodbye Moscow - from Ven Tsering

Hello! My name is Tsering Phuntsok and I am from Kopan monastery. I am very fortunate that Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundrup allowed me to join such a wonderful monastery when I applied in 1997. Since then I have studied English and Tibetan languages as well as Buddhist philosophy. I also worked for the monastery in the reception for 3 years.

Kopan offers many courses for people who are interested in Buddhism and we have many kind and highly qualified teachers and amongst them is Venerable Namgyel. He is very nice, kind and very down to earth. Our precious Khen Rinpoche Lama Lhundup gave me permission to travel with Ven. Namgyel and told me to assist him when he is travelling. I think I am very fortunate to get such a precious opportunity to travel with him and to benefit others.

My first experience of long distance travel was flying to Moscow. I flew from Delhi on 2nd of September and Ven. Namgyel flew from Madrid to Moscow on the same day. Andrea, Galina and Sergye were waiting for us in the Moscow airport and that was my first time meeting with them. The first big surprise came when. as we were driving back to the city, Andrea said at 5.30pm, would you mind if a TV crew comes at 7.30pm to interview Venerable for the public TV channel in Moscow. This was a big opportunity for Buddhism to be shown on main stream TV with millions of viewers. I was surprised when Venerable agreed to do the interview (as I thought he must be exhausted, it taking two days for him to get to Moscow, as his plane broke down - another story!), but then Andrea had said it would only take 15 to 20 minutes. It ended up being about an hour and a half, and later the interviewer phoned to say that it had had such a big effect on her personally that the channel had decided to do a series of programmes with the assistance of the FPMT centre in Moscow.

To be continued.....

Friday, August 21, 2009

Delhi gift!

Well, this was a bit of a surprise! Walking through Delhi while raining, I found myself flying up in the air and then my hand hit the ground. The wrist is broken. For the next two hours I had to ignore the incessant pain and get on with the visa work I was in the middle of, until I could get to a hospital. Thursday, I checked into hospital for the day and the bones were wired together and a cast put on. The fingers are swollen and it is awkward, but manageable. My new assistant Venerable Tsering was marvellous throughout the whole thing, taking care of me very well, but now I am in Moscow and realise how difficult it is to travel with one arm plus luggage! The Green Tara retreat finished on a high note in Kopan, many people had good experiences of some sort, the most notable comments being that they felt the retreat deepened their understanding of the lam rim. Take care and much love.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


If your actions conform with Dharma, you'll antagonize everyone;
If your words are truthful, most people will get angry;
If your mind is truly good and pure, they will judge it a defect.
Now is the time to keep your own way hidden.

Hide your body by staying alone in a mountain wilderness;
Hide your speech by cutting off contact and saying very little;
Hide your mind by being continuously aware of your own faults alone.
This is what it means to be a hidden yogi.

Disgust, because there's no one to be trusted,
Sadness, because there's no meaning in anything,
Determination, because there'll never be time to get everything you want;
If you always keep these three things in mind, some good will come of it.

There's no time to be happy; happiness is over just like that;
You don't want to suffer, so eradicate suffering with Dharma.
Whatever happiness or suffering comes, recognize it as the power of your past actions,
And from now on have no hopes or doubts regarding anyone at all.

Extracted from "The Heart Treasure" by H.H. Dilgo Khyentse, Shambhala Publications.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Medicine Buddha Finale

On the 28th we all went down by bus to the nunnery and fortunately, I was able to offer 90,000rps. from my side, due to the kind donations I have received recently. This money will go towards supporting nearly 200 nuns who are coming from all over India to debate with the Kopan nuns. Ani Jangsem, the Manager of the nunnery offered me a khatag and very kind words of thanks along with tea and biscuits. We toured the new gompa building, which is going to be absolutely beautiful.

Afterwards we arrived in Boudha and lit many butterlamps on behalf of the group and the people they dedicate for and then circumambulation (some shopping might have been done on the side!) and then back up to Kopan for dinner and a movie: Home. See it if you can, definitely see it if you are concerned about the environment and what the consequences of our actions will be, unless we change.

This morning was our last meditation session on Medicine Buddha and then the fire puja, followed by goodbyes with a group photo. Many special things happened to many people on the retreat....thank you to everybody.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Monsoon in Nepal

We have now finished two courses, Thought Transformation and an Introductory Course. They were both full of extraordinary people and I think we all had a good time. Tomorrow the beginner's Reiki course starts and then next Wednesday is the Medicine Buddha retreat. Recently, an offshoot of the BBC here in Nepal, came to film my introductory course and they are really inspired by the Dharma so now they want to return and film more. Their programmes will be available on the website:
after about ten days. Isn't it great that Buddhism will be offered through mainstream TV in Nepal? That's all for now. Do take care and keep praying for World Peace and Harmony. Thank you.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

The Art of Happiness - in Spain

The art of happiness
…developing patience, generosity, perseverance, joy, concentration, wisdom and kindness in everyday life and work...

Happiness: what every human being wants.
All human beings, independently from their culture or race, want to be happy and don’t want to experience suffering.
On the other hand, our happiness is very conditioned by external factors so that makes it an ephemeral and unsettled feeling.
Nowadays we can all experience the effect of the crisis in our happiness and optimism in ourselves and in those around us. We will help each others if we are capable of maintain our happiness and energy, we have to bear in mind that we can only give from what we have.
As we observe Tibetan Buddhist practitioners some questions might arise:
Why does it make them so happy with so little? Why don’t they feel bitter when they are assaulted or tortured? How do they achieve so much recognition (acknowledgement) without power and with China against them?
The biggest question is: How can we apply Buddhist Philosophy in our private and professional world?
What has been acknowledged worldwide by people of many different countries is that we can learn a lot from Tibetan Buddhism. There is a history of 2600 years focused in the nature of the human mind, managing of oneself and the search for paths to long lasting happiness.
The initiative
In 2006 I met Venerable Lobsang Namgyel at Kopan Monastery, in Kathmandu, Nepal, in an introductory course to Buddhism. His skills in the subject, his ability to deal with any topic, his capacity to discuss people’s problems and his great sense of humour inspired me to organize learning initiatives connected to Buddhism with him.
Last year we arranged a workshop in Toulouse which had a great influence on me and left long lasting effects on those who participated.

The workshop is limited to 12 persons only as we want to give much importance to discussion during the teaching times.
It consists in exploring the paths of happiness and the peaceful actions, as a way to be better and more effective persons.
The workshop is based in Buddhist philosophy, ignoring religion, and its practices, with a very unusual focus: possible learning for business.
Days go by with three different activities: teachings given by our guide; meditations and discussions. During the teachings our guide will introduce us to the different aspects of his philosophy, we'll discuss the topics in order to understand and to draw our own conclusions, we'll meditate to internalize and to learn a skill to manage our mind.
Our Guru
Venerable Lobsang Namgyel, from Australia, has been living in India and studying Buddhism here for more than 20 years with such Masters as His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Denma Locho Rinpoche, Choden Rinpoche, Lama Zopa Rinpoche, Geshe Sonam Rinchen. Having completed numerous Lam Rim (sutra) retreats, as well as many tantric retreats, Ven. Namgyel has 20 years of experience teaching Buddhism in FPMT Centres in India, Nepal, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Finland, France, Spain and the USA. He’s well loved by students for his humour and open heart.
Here’s what our beloved Ani Rita had to say after teaching with him at Root Institute India 2007:
“Wherever he goes and teaches, he is always asked to come back. Because he is in contact with his own good heart, he is able to touch people on a level that goes much deeper than just intellectual understanding. Having done a lot of individual retreats he has familiarized and integrated the topics in his way of living, and so teaches out of experience. Through his humour he relaxes people totally, and even difficult topics seem a piece of cake. He is especially loved for the deep concern that he has, and shows, for the wellbeing of the participants of the course, and puts a lot of energy and time into helping them to find a way to practice what suits them.”

The workshop will be from the 23rd to the 30th of August inclusive – starting in the evening of the 23rd and finishing after lunch on the 30th (it has been impossible to convince our master to shorten the course!).
It will be held at the centre in Granada, Spain.
In the centre they only serve vegetarian food. You will be asked to respect five precepts: to avoid killing/stealing/lying/sexual conduct/intoxicants and the course will be taught in English, although there are skilled people who speak English and Spanish who would be happy to explain particular concepts, if you find them difficult!
Silence will be maintained for half the day to encourage participants to reflect on their own situation in relation to the teachings.
Our contribution
This workshop doesn't pretend to be a business, but an invitation to study together and also as a way to provide some sponsorship for poor Buddhist nuns. On the other hand, Venerable Namgyel didn't wanted to settle a price, as for them it is contradictory to the Buddhist culture, so he asked me to decide the donation.
The food and accommodation cost per person is very cheap, approx. 35€ per day. Logistically it is very modest which helps to create the correct atmosphere for the workshop. Please contact Fernando for details of other expenses.
You are responsible for your own transport to and from the teaching centre. Food and room are supplied but anything other than that is not covered by the fees as stated above.
Fernando Iglesias Eciolaza
620 50 31 63

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bangladesh and Beyond

Hello to all my dear friends and students, it has been quite a while since I wrote something for this blog. Just to fill you in, I have just been teaching in Dhaka which was a very enjoyable experience. Really nice people hosting me, quite a few people turned out for the teachings and there is now a stable group of interested students. I hope to return there one day. I then flew into Kathmandu and Kopan Monastery. The Monastery is looking more and more beautiful every time I return here. There is a new building for the monk's school and a new building of accommodation with really nice rooms for westerners and a gorgeous view down onto Boudhanath stupa. My first course starts on the 12th June and I will be here until the middle of August. I would definitely recommend anybody to come here and experience the place plus one of my retreats! In August I then fly to Spain and will be teaching a one week course entitled "The Art of Happiness" in Osel-Ling retreat centre. After Spain is Moscow, then Riga, Shambala in Scotland and that takes us into November....with all my very best Dharma prayers for your long life, good health and success in all your activities.

Friday, April 10, 2009

New Sites

Hi Everybody,
I have finished teaching in New Zealand and will not be teaching again until Bangladesh in May, followed by Kopan Monastery from June onwards. My news is that I have started a Reiki and prayer website for those of you who are concerned about somebody and want extra help; then I have a site where you can download MP3's and I have a website. Please check them all out. Sorry they are not all under one roof, but I cannot afford to pay for sites, although I had to pay out some money for the
MP3 site. If you can help by giving a donation, that would be helpful. (prayers) (website) (MP3)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still in New Zealand??

That's the exclamation I hear when people write to me and ask "Where are you now?" it is surprising, but since the teachings were cancelled in Australia at the Atisha Centre, it seemed best to stay on here at Mahamudra Centre and give more courses and teachings. Which we did. It has been quite busy. Fifteen people turned out in a cyclonic storm which was unbelievable! Thought the roof of the gompa was going to take off in the wind and the rain was so heavy. Anyway, people seemed to have a great time and I certainly enjoyed myself. The following weekend was on the road to Thames and then Tauranga, where I taught the Bodhisattva's path and caught up with old friend Loren and his new wife and baby. Such a sweet child who sat through some of the teaching without yawning once, unlike the father, ha ha! A long drive back from Tauranga to Colville, about five hours and then some rest. Tonight (Wednesday) Hannah and myself drove into Coromandel and I gave a public talk on the Art of Happiness and then back here around 8.30pm and now the blog since I feel really bad that I haven't updated recently. This weekend we have a meditation weekend, no teachings, only meditations and that is it, my programme is over. I now have 18 public broadcasts on Podomatic which you can just listen to, or download, they are MP3 format, and that has taken a lot of effort, but i really think it is worthwhile. Thanks for your support.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

You Tube

and now we go even more digital and I enter the world of YouTube with six short videos in English, translated into Spanish especially for the business world.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Auckland - DCI

Fairly busy since I came here from Colville. We started the teachings with inspiration and auspicious prayers, then talking about the Perfection of Generosity. Yesterday, Saturday, all day we discussed Ethics and how to keep them and how to benefit others with Ethics. Today we will be talking about anger - a subject always interesting to many people and very applicable to city living.

In the breaks between teachings, I have been uploading soundtracks from teachings, editing, putting them on the web (now there are four episodes) and all that takes a lot of time. I have been working a little on the website, although not much is changing there at the moment. Catching up with friends from last year and having some good talks with Venerable Gyalten who resides at DCI. We watched a video of Lama Yeshe giving advice on how to develop western centres - for instance, in the city centres, Lama thought people should meditate for a short time then get up and dance and then sit down and meditate again! He was so far ahead of his time, I think we should be very proud (in a positive sense) of being the lineage holders of Lama Yeshe's tradition.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

More teachings to download

I was amazed at the response to my putting audio teachings on the web. Here is another place you can find them, they were given in Latvia last year on the Lam rim and thought transformation.


My website is up and running, but certainly not perfected. Anyway, it is good enough for you all to be looking at it and enjoying the information that is there. Over time, I will phase out this blog and only use the website which contains a blog. You can join the website through "Subscribe RSS feed" and it will keep you updated. Please let me know if you have suggestions. With all best wishes,
Venerable Namgyel.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Body Scan meditation

here is the second one, available on MP3 PODCAST:

Episode 2

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Quick news

I am leaving Mahamudra for two weeks, will be in Auckland from tomorrow with a great programme organised through DCI - their website is: if you want to view the teaching programme.

When I arrive back in MMC, we immediately have a five day lam rim course starting on the 19th February, all welcome!

I just joined podcast, as it is taking me a little while to figure out how to operate the new website. If you would like to listen to me leading two meditations, here is the address:

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My news from Coromandel

I really am sorry that the news hasn't been coming very quickly, but we have been busy since I arrived. First the Tara retreat, which produced a great change in some of the people and transformed Mahamudra Centre into the Potala. Anyway, the retreat was great. I enjoyed tremendously. Followed by "Subduing the Demon of Anger" and during that time we had lots of rain and the wind kept changing directions, so it seemed as though the elements got involved in the retreat! All the people attending said they got something from it and we even had one Italian guy who turned up at 7pm, just as it was starting, asking to stay the night and realising there was a course, immediately joined. How is that for karmic imprints ripening?

After the Anger course we had a two day Reiki for experienced students - my old friend Marc turned up, he is a great healer and Grace from Auckland, also a sincere Reiki practitioner. This weekend is Healing Emotions; the last time I did a course like this was not so long ago in Mexico and it was amazing how non-Dharma people really benefited from approaching emotional problems in a different way. However, the problems of Mexican people and New Zealanders are bound to be very different, so it will be interesting to see what we are healing on the weekend.

Thanks for keeping up with me and reading the blog. The website is coming along, but it is slow and I am sorry about that. We are trying as hard as we can, but the people who are kindly helping me also have to work on other projects. As soon as it is operational, I will let you know through the BLOG. Take care and please remember to take time out to BE KIND every day!

I encourage you all to be kind.....

Just received from my friend Shyla of the LKPY project, please read carefully and get involved, even if it is something small, it is still the seed of kindness, isn't it?

Hey i just wanted to give you heads up about a new project we are doing for LKPY which i thought you might be keen to get invovled in. I spoke to Rinpoche about it the other day and he was really keen.
Anyway its called BeKind Day 313 (31st March), we are creating a website for it which should be up in the next few weeks (as long as we can find someone to create it for us). Ive attached the web words below so you have an idea of what it is all about. Anyway we are looking for people in different communities to help co-ordinate things in their local communities, maybe hold an event on the day (dinner or lunch etc), go talk at schools and universities or corporate groups, get in touch with local media and offer to do interviews etc etc and i thought you might be keen. Its not just for youth, its for everyone, but is a project of LKPY.

Anyway will keep you up to date, but thought this way you can pencil it in your diary and maybe start thinking of events etc. I will send a massive thing out to FPMT etc once we have a website.

Think big and keep smiling

____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ - WEBSITE
Kindness is defined as a quality of being friendly, generous and considerate and Kind is defined as a group of people or things having similar characteristics.

Imagine one day every year when everyone is friendly, generous and considerate,
Imagine not just doing kind things for others, but receiving them in kindness too,
Imagine what is the kindest thing you could do for yourself, someone else, the planet, for animals, for your colleagues, your families
,... that's what BeKind Day is all about.

313: 31st march is BeKindDay...

How will you BeKind on 313?

1-BeKindDay313 Background
BeKind Day was a creation of an international Peace Organisation for young people, Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth (LKPY).
LKPY is a non-religious, non-profit, charity organization that focuses on the natural goodness within all of us. It aims to create a space for young people to engage in developing peace for themselves, their communities, and the world as a whole.

LKPY believes that peace isn’t just the absence of war... We believe that peace lies naturally within us all and is our primary reason for existence... LKPY is not about protesting wars, demanding weapon restrictions, creating borders and separation, making demands on politicians, going into war zones, or standing in front of tanks...
Its simpler, its starts with you and me... and that’s why it can work!
It’s about focusing on the positives not the negatives, and through cultivating the organic goodness within ourselves we can reduce the space for the weeds to grow. We do this with simple practices of breathing, slowing down, stretching, communicating and taking the time and space to regularly nourish our mind and body... From this space of feeling better and clearer within ourselves we can then best begin to help others...
Learn more about LKPY by checking out our website:
They say a waterfall starts from just one drop of water, LKPY says peace starts from just one person.

2- When is BeKind Day?
313= 31st March every year.
Circle it in your calendar annually

3- Ideas for BeKind Day?
There are so many ways that you can get involved in BeKindDay in your community... heres some ideas to help get you started
-Ideas for BeKind Day for Schools
Download the PDF of classroom tasks and commit to doing this with your class
Ask each class to come up with 3 activities for BeKindDay
Hold one class dedicated to BeKindDay: Ask each student to bring $1 (or whatever amount you want to chose) to class, collect this money together. Then ask each student to research a cause/charity that they think it is best to donate the money to, ask them to present their cause/charity and why they think its worthy of the money. At the end of the day hold a vote to decide which cause/charity the money should go to. Then send the money to the cause/charity and inform them that is part of a BeKindDay activity.

-Ideas for BeKind Day for Universities
Download the PDF of classroom tasks and commit to doing this with your class
Hold one class dedicated to BeKindDay: Ask each student to bring $1 (or whatever amount you want to chose) to class, collect this money together. Then ask each student to research a cause/charity that they think it is best to donate the money to, ask them to present their cause/charity and why they think its worthy of the money. At the end of the day hold a vote to decide which cause/charity the money should go to. Then send the money to the cause/charity and inform them that is part of a BeKindDay activity.

-Ideas for BeKind Day for the Workplace
compliment a collegue
buy some flowers or chocolates for your boss/cleaner/secretary/collegue with a note saying "thank you for your kindness"
Ask each staff member to bring $5 (or whatever amount you want to chose) to work on BeKindDay, collect this money together. Then ask each staff member to research a cause/charity that they think it is best to donate the money to and why they think its worthy of the money. At the end of the day hold a vote to decide which cause/charity the money should go to. Then send the money to the cause/charity and inform them that is part of a BeKindDay activity.

-Ideas for BeKind Day for your community
Pick up 10 pieces of rubbish from the ground around your community
Make a donation to a local Non-Government Organisation (NGO) or Charity that does positive and inspiring things
Write a letter to your local council thanking them for something positive that they have implemented into your community

-Ideas for BeKind Day for Parents
Tell your child that you love them
Do an act of Kindness with your child - ie. give a homeless person some money
Talk to your child about what the definition of Kindness is and why its so important, ask your child to think of 3 acts of kindness

-Ideas for BeKind Day for Animals
Feed an animal
Visit a animal shelter and play with the animal
Be a vegetarian for the day

-Ideas for BeKind Day for the Planet
Catch public transport for the day
Buy organic food for the day
Go through your possessions and identify things you dont use, recycle or donate them.

-Ideas for BeKind Day for yourself
Take 5 minutes of silence to slow down
Be content with what you have
Reflect over your life and

-Ideas for BeKind Day for Elders
Visit a nursing home/Old Peoples home and offer to volunteer for day, maybe read stories with them
Visit your parents/grandparents and take them out to lunch/dinner, ask them to share their favourite story with you.
Donate money to your local hospice/palliative care team (or even organise a fundraiser for them)

Remember these are just ideas, we want you to use your creative juices to inspire your friends, family and community to be a part of BeKind Day too.
Send us an email before BeKindDay to commit to being a part of BeKindDay
Dont forget to email us or post us your stories and let us know what you did!

4- How can I support BeKindDay?
The best way to support BeKindDay is to be part of it, get involved, do something to BeKind and let us know what you did.
If you would like to support the day more we welcome donations to support the website and promotion of this event.
- PayPal:
LovingKindness PeacefulYouth
- Bank Transfer:
Account Name: Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth Inc
BSB: 085-458
Account Number: 81-188-4188
- Cheque/Money Order:
Draw a cheque in favour of ‘Loving Kindness Peaceful Youth Inc’ and post to:
PO Box 551, Unley SA 5061, Australia

5- How can i let you know what we did on BeKind Day?
Email us or post us your images, your stories, your ideas, what your community got up to, we want to hear from you!!!
Email: (maybe create a new email with the new website note- ask them to make it so that you get as least spam as possible!
Post: BeKindDay
PO Box 551
Unley SA 5061

6- How can I help promote BeKind Day?
Spreading the word is the key to promoting BeKindDay, we would love your help to help us do this, here's some ideas:
- Spreading in your email:
Send an email to everyone on your contact list, telling them about BeKindDay and asking them to do 3 things: 1. Tell 3 people about this day, 2. Commit to be involved, 3. To help you organise a group activity
- Spreading through your media:
Write to your local newspaper, favourite magazine editors, TV news stations, Breakfast shows etc
- Spreading through your local schools, universities and community groups
Write to your local schools and university principles and ask them to make BeKindDay313 an activity in their school & ask their PTA (Parent Teacher Association) to get involved
Write to your local community groups, youth groups, religious groups and ask them to make BeKindDay 313 an activity in their group
- Spreading through your media:
Write to your local newspaper, favourite magazine editors, TV news stations, Breakfast shows
- Spreading through your community:
Create an event on BeKindDay in your local community, it may be a lunch, a dinner, a coffee catch up, where you all meet and chat about BeKind Day

7- Contact us
Email: (maybe create a new email with the new website note- ask them to make it so that you get as least spam as possible! Maybe have an automatic email where they fill it in on the website.
Post: BeKindDay
PO Box 551
Unley SA 5061

Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Zealand

Have arrived safely in New Zealand and we started the Tara retreat last night. Already the clouds have started to move in and we might well have rain. What a surprise that would be (for those of you who don't know, it tends to rain when I lead retreats!!).....I will be in Mahamudra until the end of January and then Auckland for two weeks beginning of February and then return to MMC for another month until March. Hope to see you.......Happy New Year to you all. Venerable.