Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Still in New Zealand??

That's the exclamation I hear when people write to me and ask "Where are you now?" it is surprising, but since the teachings were cancelled in Australia at the Atisha Centre, it seemed best to stay on here at Mahamudra Centre and give more courses and teachings. Which we did. It has been quite busy. Fifteen people turned out in a cyclonic storm which was unbelievable! Thought the roof of the gompa was going to take off in the wind and the rain was so heavy. Anyway, people seemed to have a great time and I certainly enjoyed myself. The following weekend was on the road to Thames and then Tauranga, where I taught the Bodhisattva's path and caught up with old friend Loren and his new wife and baby. Such a sweet child who sat through some of the teaching without yawning once, unlike the father, ha ha! A long drive back from Tauranga to Colville, about five hours and then some rest. Tonight (Wednesday) Hannah and myself drove into Coromandel and I gave a public talk on the Art of Happiness and then back here around 8.30pm and now the blog since I feel really bad that I haven't updated recently. This weekend we have a meditation weekend, no teachings, only meditations and that is it, my programme is over. I now have 18 public broadcasts on Podomatic which you can just listen to, or download, they are MP3 format, and that has taken a lot of effort, but i really think it is worthwhile. Thanks for your support.