Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Bangladesh and Beyond

Hello to all my dear friends and students, it has been quite a while since I wrote something for this blog. Just to fill you in, I have just been teaching in Dhaka which was a very enjoyable experience. Really nice people hosting me, quite a few people turned out for the teachings and there is now a stable group of interested students. I hope to return there one day. I then flew into Kathmandu and Kopan Monastery. The Monastery is looking more and more beautiful every time I return here. There is a new building for the monk's school and a new building of accommodation with really nice rooms for westerners and a gorgeous view down onto Boudhanath stupa. My first course starts on the 12th June and I will be here until the middle of August. I would definitely recommend anybody to come here and experience the place plus one of my retreats! In August I then fly to Spain and will be teaching a one week course entitled "The Art of Happiness" in Osel-Ling retreat centre. After Spain is Moscow, then Riga, Shambala in Scotland and that takes us into November....with all my very best Dharma prayers for your long life, good health and success in all your activities.