Sunday, July 11, 2010

Monsoon continues

Today we had our first real downpour of the monsoon.  Now we are back to sunny with clouds in the afternoon, not difficult to manage as long as you have a big umbrella!  So, to update you on what has happened since the last course.  Around 25 people participated in Peaceful Living and I must say the course became very subdued and quiet near the end.  Perhaps it is as the Kadampa lamas used to say that meditating on death is extremely important for change to happen.  When Khen Rinpoche came for Question and Answer, KR asked the students which questions do you have, and they just stared at him, quietly, not looking like they had any questions!  I got worried!!  Anyway, then KR gave a wonderful teaching on the whole path, gave oral transmissions of mantras and asked all the people in the room to work for world peace. 

We start the Medicine Buddha retreat today and it is full.  People are coming from all over the world and some are even having obstacles to get here, which I always think is very beneficial.  Following the retreat is Reiki for beginners and Reiki Two for more advanced students.  Then a Discovering Buddhist course for 7 days and a Tara retreat and then my teaching time in Kopan is finished.  I will be traveling to Spain to teach a thought transformation course.

The next time I give you news will be at the end of the Medicine Buddha retreat.  Don't forget on the 15th July is a Wheel Turning Day, the merit is multiplied and it is International Sangha Day.  Take care of your monks and nuns!  Thanks and much love.