Saturday, January 22, 2011

Bodh Gaya

I had a wonderful time at His Holiness's teachings in Sarnath and must report that I did not get sick at all, not even a sniffle!  From what I hear from many other people, my good health was the exception to the rule.  Many people seemed to get really ill and some of them are now in Root Institute recuperating.  We have just started Peaceful Living, Peaceful Dying and quite a few of the participants have come from the November course and then Sarnath.  I rejoice!  It is truly beautiful here at Root.  The gardens are magnificent.  Huge flowers of various colours in a tranquil garden setting.  The stupa is really busy, attracting people from all around the world.  The next course is "Karma" with Ani Rita teaching and me leading meditations.  Then I teach Reiki 2 on the 10/11th February followed by Reiki One on the 12/13th February; 19th/20th February and the 26th/27th February.  
If you are looking for my schedule, it is on the website.  Look under touring teachers and you will find my schedule there.  
I send you all my love and prayers from the Buddhist power spot!