Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sad news

I am very sad to inform you that Geshe Sonam Rinchen of the LTWA in Dharamsala passed away.  Please include Geshe-la in your prayers.  He was a great practitioner, and will be sorely missed by all his devoted students. 

Arrived in Perth and stayed with Michael for a few days - we had a lot of laughs, then flew to Adelaide and on to Brisbane, where I have stayed with Dan for three days.  He has bought three cottages next to Chenresig Institute and I have been touring the area, meeting up with old friends at Chenresig and generally enjoying myself and eating too much!  Tomorrow, Monday, I fly to Adelaide and then start teaching on Tuesday. 

I request you to please put the good heart, loving kindness, into practice as soon as possible.  The world needs it as do we.