Sunday, February 1, 2015

Amazing News from Song River

Special Notice from Song River Dharma Ashram, Rishikesh, India is offering four amazing retreats with Ven Namgyel:

Lam Rim Meditation Course
16-23rd August 2015 

Green Tara Retreat
23-30th August 2015

Lam Rim Retreat and Teachings
Bodhcitta and Emptiness
30-6th September

Medicine Buddha Retreat
6-13th September

You may take participate in any of these retreats, or all!
For each retreat, the cost is 10,000rps for single room and all meals.  Offerings for the teachers are not included, and we do encourage you to practice Dana (generosity).
If you want to take all four courses/retreats then we are offering a special low price of 35,000 for single room and food, that's for the whole month.  However, you do need to book early with a deposit as we have a limited number of seats available.
Refuge is not necessary in order to participate, and you will have the opportunity to take refuge and vows with Venerable, if you so wish.
What we do ask is that you have some faith and devotion towards the Three Jewels and if you are participating in a deity retreat that you also have a good feeling towards Green Tara or
Medicine Buddha.  If you have questions, please look at our Song River Dharma Ashram page on Facebook or email us: