Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Loenen Holland, Rinpoche's teachings

Tushita and back to Rishikesh

It was a fantastic retreat with a very committed engaged group at Tushita.  We studied and meditated on Disturbing Emotions and at the end of the retreat, the group looked very happy and relaxed.  Photos on Facebook.
On 3-4th November I am teaching Reiki for beginners at Song River and then Reiki Two for people who have been practising for at least six months.  Students often ask me if they can go straight to Reiki Two after Reiki One.  My advice is not to, as it does take time to develop one's energy system and if you don't give it time there can be negative repercussions.  Be patient!
      On a different note, Benno and Gudi arrived at Song River and have started teaching mindfulness meditation and yoga in separate workshops.  Do look at the programme on Facebook or the Song River website.  For those interested in Vajrasattva we have the retreat coming up next year in April for three months.  It is a fantastic opportunity to purify and feel better about oneself.