Monday, January 27, 2020

My Health, an update

I decided to come clean and tell my friends and students what is going on with my health.....some years ago in Riga my heart started feeling like a four cylinder car running on three cylinders.  Oscar took me to a doctor and she said I needed treatment, otherwise I would be dead within a month.  She diagnosed arrhythmia.  This was in 2014 and I am still alive, but did take treatment from Himalaya Hospital.  At that time it also showed that my heart function was less than average.  By 2016 the heart function had gone from 32% to 56%......and the arrhythmia finished.  From that time I had regular checkups with cardiologists who confirmed that my heart was functioning normally and that the arrhythmia had gone.  One doctor even said, this is not because of western medicine, it is your dharma practices (thank you Medicine Buddha and Tara!) that brings us to New Zealand.

During my time over the pond in NZ I suddenly felt a strange feeling in my chest area, similar to what I felt in Riga, and so I visited a doctor I know in Colville near Mahamudra Centre and she confirmed arrhythmia (actually atrial fibrillation)......since that time I was hospitalised on my arrival in Toowoomba as the heart rate was too high, but now it is under control and I was monitored in hospital for 24 hours.....they wanted to do an electric shock treatment which can get the rhythm back under control but I have resisted doing it, as my body reacts so strongly to any input.  Therefore, I visited a private doctor who gave me lots of time and looked at my history and wants to do an ECG at the beginning of next month and then give a diagnosis. 

In the meantime I have cancelled some of my European tour, as the doctor felt I would need more rest, and I feel very badly about doing that, I have never cancelled teachings before, but it seemed sensible to protect the body.  I am also having acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese medicine and feeling quite well, thank you! 

It was really difficult to get travel insurance with this pre-existing condition and so that turned out to be really expensive, but necessary.  So that's the situation at the moment.  I request you not to write emails and messages to me, as I am already very busy with students who need help.  I know you love me and want to help me, so if you would like to, please recite the Medicine Buddha mantra or Tara mantra for me.  Will update you after the 5th February when I have seen the specialist.  Again, thank you for your understanding.

ps 56% functionality is just about normal for the heart.

Saturday, January 25, 2020


Lama Zopa Rinpoche was recently asked what can be done for the recent outbreak of the deadly coronavirus in China.
Rinpoche advised the arrangement of a Most Secret Hayagriva wrathful fire puja in Sera Je Monastery. 
Individual students can do the following mantra recitation practice:
As a motivation before reciting the two mantras, Rinpoche said it’s best if people can do The Method to Transform a Suffering Life into Happiness (Including Enlightenment), which is the daily motivation Rinpoche has put together. That is best. But if that is too much, then do the lamrim motivation, which is the beginning part of The Method up to the “Blessing the Speech” section. So at least do that part as a motivation before reciting the mantras.
  1. Recite Vajra Armor mantra, which is a famous mantra for healing. You can do the entire Vajra Armor Protection Wheel if you want. Otherwise, just do the mantra:
After you finish reciting the mantra, hold your hand in front of your mouth and blow the air up, so it goes into your nostrils.
Vajra Armor
Vajra Armor
  1. Then also recite Black Manjushri mantra. The Meditation-Recitation of Black Manjushri is also good to do if you want. Otherwise, just do the mantra:
Black Manjushri
Black Manjushri
Then at the end, do dedication prayers:
May the precious supreme bodhichittaMA KYE PA NAM KYE GYUR CHIG
Not yet born arise.KYE PA NYAM PA ME PA YI
May that arisen not decline,GONG NÄ GONG DU PHEL WAR SHOG But increase more and more.
Due to this virtue, may I quicklyLA MA SANG GYÄ DRUB GYUR NÄ
Become a Guru-Buddha,DRO WA CHIG KYANG MA LÜ PA
And lead all transmigratory beings,DE YI SA LA GÖ PAR SHOG
Without exception, to that state.
Due to all the merits of the three times collected by me, the numberless buddhas, and the numberless sentient beings, may all wars, sickness, famine, torture, poverty, and economic problems in the world, and all dangers of earth, water, fire, and wind, be pacified immediately, and may perfect peace and happiness prevail in everyone’s hearts and lives. May the Buddhadharma last for a long time, and may the sentient beings in this world meet the Buddhadharma and achieve enlightenment as quickly as possible.
Due to all the past, present, and future merits collected by me and all the merits of the three times collected by the numberless buddhas and numberless sentient beings, which are completely empty of existing from their own side, may I, who am completely empty of existing from my own side, achieve the state of full enlightenment, which is completely empty of existing from its own side, and lead all sentient beings, who are completely empty of existing from their own side, to that state, which is completely empty of existing from its own side, by myself alone, who is completely empty of existing from my own side.

Padmasambhava taught

The Difficulty of Practicing the Dharma

Master Padma said:  It is indeed difficult to practice the Dharma.
The lady asked:  What does that mean?
The master said:  There is the danger of holding wrong views.
The meditation is mistaken by mental fabrication.
The worst enemy is broken samayas.
The conduct is deluded by unvirtuous actions of body, speech and mind.
The teachings are destroyed by too much ambition.
The vows are spoiled by criticising others.
The path is mistaken by clinging to suffering as being real.
Modesty is lost by craving desirable things.
The goal is mistaken by all the gain and fame of this life.
Teachers without Dharma practice are embarrassing and such meditators are depressing.

(Padmasambhava is teaching Yeshe Tsogyal, his consort)

Friday, January 17, 2020

Valuing what you have....

Having faith in Buddha’s teachings means recognizing that they provide a special path leading to freedom from saṃsāra, and a state which surpasses the situation of the worldly gods. When you possess these five endowments, 'the five personal advantages' are said to be complete.
For the five advantages due to circumstances to be present, a buddha must have come into the world, an event as rare as the appearance of an Uḍumbara flower; he must have taught the three wheels of Dharma; and the teachings must have survived without fading. There must be extraordinary friends who have embraced the teachings; and a master or a spiritual friend must have accepted you. These five are known as 'the five advantages due to circumstances'.