Usui LoJong Reiki - an exciting new innovation

After more than two decades teaching Usui Reiki around the world, i decided it was time to add thought transformation to Reiki in order to give students more skills for difficult times.....hence the new mental-physical practice, Usui LoJong (LoJong means thought transformation from negative to positive)...... From my personal experience of Buddha's teachings and doing my best to implement them into daily life, and my practice of Reiki, I have divided Reiki into self healing, meaning place all your attention on your body-mind and start healing oneself, and then when the student is ready to help others, they are ready for the next stage, Reiki for healing others. Reiki is usually described as Universal Life Force or Spiritual Energy. By learning the system of Reiki, you develop the ability to use this energy for your own healing. It is a natural hands-on healing method, which can incorporate visualisation techniques as well - it is simple, yet profound. Anyone can learn Reiki. Once you have learnt it, you can practice it always and be supported throughout life – at any time, through "your hands” :-) Reiki helps rebalance and recharge a person’s energy and promotes healing on the physical, emotional and mental levels. Usually people experience benefits from Reiki such as stress reduction, emotional release, a sense of inner peace, pain relief and decrease of symptoms from health conditions, increased energy, improved concentration, to name a few. Sometimes it is said that the body is the vessel of the mind, so we recognise the importance of healing the body and, by also applying thought transformation which is part of Usui Lojong Reiki, you can support your potential to manifest in the most positive ways. As Reiki becomes your ally in your daily life and as you open your heart to compassion, you can develop a deeper and healthier connection to your true essence and to others’ - a wonderful way to help yourself and others. Venerable Namgyel’s Reiki lineage traces back to Mikao Usui, who initially developed the system for the healing art of Reiki. Please see About Venerable Namgyel blog page, for information on Venerable Namgyel's Buddhist lineage.